i was bored so i made a self portrait.. now back to writing! ciao lovelies!

i was bored so i made a self portrait.. now back to writing! ciao lovelies!

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#Nothing says straight like painting a massive painting of another woman  #from memory alone 

Moriarty takes fanart to a whole new level

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But do you imagine Jamie trying to figure out what to do with the thing after they told her Joan was coming? 

should i hide it?

where to hide it there is no place to hide it? should i turned around? they will notice? should i paint over it? HELL NO MY IMAGINARY GIRLFRIEND NEMESIS

should i leave it here at the center of the room and play it cool?

yes yes be cool jamie cool evil villain be cool channel all your cool villain stuff…

*nailed it*

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  • Charmed 4x03 Hell hath no fury

How dare you! How dare you leave me! How dare you go and die and leave me here all alone. Please come back. I need you, please come back”

Let Her Go [Cover]
Arden Cho - Covers


Let Her Go (Cover) // Arden Cho 

psst can we please freak out abt this a little bit more and also abt how she doesn’t change the pronouns?????????


swan queen meme: (3/5) family scenes

↳ “This is Regina Mills. She’s the mayor of this town and she wanted to meet you.”

swan meme → [1-6/6] hairstyles ;

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get to know: lana parrilla (insp.)

get to know: lana parrilla (insp.)

Santana Lopez representing everyone on a rollercoaster.


the girl in-between heya, totally ships them 

Put yourself in my position — I am afraid.

  • quality blog: starts following me
  • me: wait what are you doing