What Regina surely will do: not what she is told.

24 / 50 Photos of Naya Rivera

24 / 50 Photos of Naya Rivera


omg she tries sooo hard not to smile! but how could not smile at Naya’s face in the 4th gif

Listen, you have spent most of your life in the closet because you cared about what people thought about you. Walking away from a dream that you don’t actually care about is you winning, because it’s you saying, ”This is not who I am, and I don’t care who knows it.” 

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It feels really good to be around you. You make me feel like a girl again, like my body wakes up. I really wanna be with you, Santana, I’ve seen the world and I’m sure now more than ever that I belong with you. And I’m sure your girlfriend’s great but you can’t recreate what you and I have. It’s your choice. If you want me I’m here.


Snow White (OUAT and Disney) { requested by joancranes }


Santana whipped Lopez



1997 v/s 2013

holy shit